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What is procrastination? Procrastination is putting things off until the last minute. This also falls underneath bad time management, but also falls into an area of it's on. It is important to understand why it is important to get things done on time. If you wait until the last moment to start on something, you have less time and your work will be rushed. Rushed work is usually noticeable, and will receive a lower grade. Many times procrastination is due in large part to distractions, so it is important to try to separate you from these distractions. A distraction is anything that is taking your attention away from the subject at hand, this could be Facebook, games, chatting, or even extremes like going out with friends.

Negative Thinking

This one can over-ride all the others, and totally destroy a students learning. The reason for this is if you believe that you cannot do something, your brain will just block everything else out. Negative Thinking can make studying, taking notes, and attendance pointless. Sometimes it really is about mind over matter, if you believe that you can do something, you usually can.

Not Turning In Assignments

If your not turning in assignments, this is a no brainer, your probably going to fail. That being said, it is one of the biggest problems with students today. They don't get their homework done, so they just decide not to go to class because they are embaressed. So in reality, this really has the possibility to hurt you double. If you don't get your homework done, still go to class and ask the teacher for more time. If the teacher won't give you extra time, don't blame him, it was your responsibility to turn the work in when it was due. However, you will still get your participation grade for the class, learn new material, and know what the homework is for the following week.

Not Following Instructions

Not following instructions can really cost you, which is one reason is good to pay attention and take notes. Read your assignment carefully, and make sure that you understand exactly what you are supposed to do. If you do not understand something, ask questions until you do understand. If you have trouble following instructions in college, this will most likely carry over into the work force. Not following instructions could be something as simple as being asked to right T for True, and F for False during a True or False test, and writing the entire word instead.

Bad Time Management

Time management is crucial when you're in school, when you have a job, and or just preparing day-to-day events. Try to find out ahead of time what day your exams are and plan ahead to give yourself time to study. There really is not any excuse to say that you didn't have time to study, all you have to do is prepare. Make plans for a specific day that you are going to study, and if a friend comes to town and ask you to hang out, tell you are busy studying for an exam. A true friend would understand if you have to study or prepare for a class and don't have time to hang out. Time management is important throughout your entire life, not just in school. Many jobs require you to meet deadlines, and managing your time right is very important, so that you can have time to get everything done.

Bad Attendance

If you have bad attendance, this can greatly effect your grade. First of all, you loose points every time you miss a class as most classes have an participation grade. Not only that, but you are also missing valuable class information and possibly another homework assignment. Secondly, unless you can scan your peers notes, or a teachers handout, and understand the matieral right away, it is probably a bad idea to miss class.

You want to be in class so that you can get all the points you can, because after finals all these points will add up and may help you pass the class. It will also give you a better understanding of the material, in classes such as in accounting, this could be vital to your passing grade.

Taking Notes

Keeping good notes is the key to passing a class many times, and can often make a difference on how you do during a test. In some cases, teachers will even let you use your notes on the test.

The bigger issue here is that if your taking notes during class, this means that you are taking everything in and paying attention to what the teacher says. If your off in la la land, and just plan to copy another students notes, you probably won't really understand the subject at hand.

The only real reason why one may not take notes is if they have a photographic memory, and this is quite rare. Other times a student may not take notes becuase he is just being lazy, and this will often result in him or her failing the class. It could also be that the person is intelligent, and just feels like copying another persons notes because he or she can understand the material. However, this is still bad pratice, because that person is not fully absorbing all of the material at hand.

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