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Tutor-book is a non-profit, there for we do not charge or make any moeny off this site. In order to keep the site running for free, we would greatly appriciate your donation. You money will go towards the growth, advancement, technology, content-information specialist, and maintaining the public areas of the site. We want this site to grow, and become a useful tool for those that are seeking tutoring in the Dallas area, in order to do this we need to constanly transform the site into something better; we shall do this through your generous donations. As our community grows, we would also like to use a portion of donations for helping Dallas School Children buy school supplies.

Your Donation Will Not:

Be spent on fancy brochures or doggie toys, every bit of your donation will go to the development of You will have your name added to our "Thanks for Giving" page for recognition of your donation - but that is it.

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