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Good Study Habits

Approaching Studying
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Many times people look at studying as a task, or something that is in the way of what they really want to do. Sutdying is something they tell themselves they will get around to eventually, and that they have the time do the things that really matter right now.

The truth is, you have to learn to approach studying as your main focus, and look at it as if everything else is in the way of your study time. Once you get the studying or homework out of the way, then you can do all the other things that you enjoy. Your mindset is probably the most important thing when it comes to studying, and if you don't have the right mind set your not going to be focused when it comes time to study.

That being said there will be times when you just have other things going on in life, like relationship problems. When this happens, it is probably a good time to take a break from studying and wait until you are more focused and ready to tottaly commit to your studies.

When your preparing to study, try to look at things from a positive perspective. You know your abilities and your strength, look at those and say "I can do this". Instead of thinking that you are just too over loaded or have too much going on, look at it from the perspective that if you start now you will get a large portion of it done. Getting started and getting something done, is better than getting nothing done when it comes to studying. Don't try to compare yourself to other people, focus on your skills and abilities and work off those.

Finding A Place To Study

One of the most important things when it comes to studying, is being in the right place. Many times people will plan to study, but they pick an area that has a lot of distractions and don't get anything done. It is important that you find somewhere that works best for you to really focus on what your doing. You need to be able to focus totally on what your doing, and not be distracted by your surroundings. However, it's not always your surroundings that distract you; many times people bring distractions witht them. If your listenting to your Ipod, for example, you may be paying more attention to the music than you are your books. If you work better with music, then it may be idea to have your Ipod with you. If you take notes on a computer, make sure that you are not being distracted by online activity such as social networking sites or playing games.

It is also very important to make sure that you have everything that you need when you go to study. Before you go to where ever your going to be doing your studying, double check everything that your taking with you to make sure that your not leaving anything behind. If it helps, make yourself a list before you leave jotting down everything that you will need to have a successful study period.

Notes and Organization
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Taking notes is very important, to prepare for studying and during studying. When you take notes, try to put things in your own words. This is important because you need to be able to understand what your notes say when you refer to them later. It is ok to copy others notes, but if you do try to put the notes in your own words when you copy them.

Note taking is important for many different reasons, one of the most importnat reasons is that you can refer to the notes later on. You may think that you will remember what you heard in class, or what a friend tells you, but in reality you will probably forget when you need the information. Sometimes reading your notes aloud can help, especially before a test. Writing your own notes by hand or typing is also very important, because if you write stuff down you usually have a better chance of remembering the information later.

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