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Study For A Test

Reanalyze notes

1.) Reanalyze notes, organize your notes, and if needed rewrite your notes. Sometimes the first time you take down notes, you often put down more information than you actually need. Try to dumb it down, make your notes more simple and to the point. Often times when you write something down it helps you to remember the information, and more simple to the point notes could be more quicly looked over if allowed on an exam.

Good timing

2.) Good timing is always important when you go to study. If you feel sick, tired, over-worked, or are intoxicated, wait for a better time to do you studying. It is better to study during the day while you are awake for a little while, than to be studying at 3am in the morning.

Dont overload yourself

3.) Dont overload yourself at last minute with alot of studying, trying to fit a days worth of studying into one hour. Waiting until last minute to study for an exam is a bad idea, and will make it harder to remember the information. The best way to go is to study hard, and then go over the material at a later time.

Properly relate

4.) Properly relate the subject matter that you are studying for with how you study. If you are doing an essay, research your material first. If you are studying for a math test, actually do math problems to learn how they work, don't just read over the material. Make sure that you understand the material before your test, don't think that you will figure it out and wing it as you go.

Your surroundings

5.) Your surroundings are one of the most important things to take into consideration when you go to study for an exam. Dont study somewhere that you will be easily distracted. If you have family members around that are going to be noisy, try to find some place more quite. Find a place to study that has a good vibe, and if you study to music put on some music; make sure not to listen to music that will distract you from your actual studies.


6.) Lighting can be very important when you go to study, and it can make a difference in how you focus. Research has shown that 75% of men work better in dim lighting, while 90% of women focus better in bright light.


7.) Television can sometimes help with studying if it is on in the background, but it is important that it does not distract you from what you are doing. It really depends on you if this is going to help you or hurt you. On one hand, it could help to block out background noise while you study, but on the other hand it could take your attention away from what your doing.

Taking breaks

8.) Taking breaks is an OK thing to do when you study, don't feel like you have to study non-stop all day. You need to give yourself time to breathe while you study, this does not mean that you should procrastinate.


9.) Planing ahead before you study can make a world of difference when it comes time to take the test. If you used your time-management right, and planned properly mapping out your study times you should have plenty of time to study. There is never a reason why you should say " I didn't have time to study", because if you planned ahead and used proper time management you would have had time to study.

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