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Tutor-book was started as a school project, but hopes to become a place that actively connects tutors with those who need it. The idea behind the site is that there are numerous people who need tutoring and often time can't afford or find it, we want to change that by opening up the world of tutoring to anyone. Anyway who wants to be a tutor can post a thread of what they tutor, and how much they charge. Of course this goes both ways, the people that need tutoring can post threads saying what they need help in. Once you find someone that your interested in contacting, leave them a comment. Decide on a place to meet, decide on a price, decide on a time, and your ready to get started.

Why I Need It
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Why do you need tutoring? There are many reason why one might need tutoring. People recieve tutoring for many different reasons including learning disiabilites, opening a new business, learning new software, starting back to college for the first time in a long time, and the list goes on. Some people get embarrassed when they think they need help and might require tutoring, don't be. There is no shame in your game for looking for help, in fact it's the mature thing to do. So don't waste your time spending hours working on something when you don't need to.

Your Support
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The purpose of this site is not to tutor you one on one through an internet connection, the purpose of this site is to connect you with someone who wants to tutor you. Please do not send the site owners questions, that is not what the site is here for. If you need help with something, there are always people out there who are willing to help, so don't be afarid to go look for it. We are not trying to be your only connection to tutoring either, we want to provide you with as many posibilites to find the tutor that is right for you. So we often include links to places that might also be able to connect you to a tutor, as well as helpful information on studying among other things.

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